£250 or £500
available to

The John Thorpe Trust

SThe Friends of Gwynedd Youth Music are a group of parents and friends who aim to support young musicians up to the age of 25. Much of our activities support the orchestras and bands run by the Gwasanaeth Ysgolion William Mathias (Schools’ Music Service). We raise funds through a range of initiatives.

The Thursday Friends give their time and care to the youngest musicians on Thursdays at Ysgol Friars, from 3.30-5.30pm. The Thursday Friends are actively recruiting more assistants, so please let them know if you can lend a hand.

In 2014, we purchased four instruments for the Gwasanaeth Ysgolion, which are loaned to young musicians from the area to use in lessons and bands. We bought a tuba, a French horn, an alto clarinet and a bass flute, to the value of £6050.

We awarded the John Thorpe Grant 2015 to Owain Llestyn Thomas, who used the funds towards participating in the National Youth Brass Band of Wales (NYBBW) course for 2015. His account of the course can be read in the John Thorpe award section. A special award was also given to Morgana Warren-Jones, who took part in a course with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain.

Due to the changes in the rehearsal schedules and the different locations of the different orchestras and bands, the Saturday Friends will unfortunately no longer be able to provide food and drinks for the musicians and their teachers. We will be exploring other ways of supporting young musicians in Gwynedd.

If you have any suggestions and want to contact us, please send an e-mail to post@ccig-fgym.rhiwen.com. Please note that you will receive an acknowledgement of your e-mail within seven days, if you do not please resend the e-mail without attachments.

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